Our Story

I come from a long line of tailors and furriers, in fact Max&Morris is named after my grandfathers, and I am a proud fourth-generation textile and garment maker. I grew up surrounded by the hum of embroidery machines, modeling the beautiful shirts my mother created, and playing amongst the pizza boxes my father used to package his design catalogue. 


When I became a mom and began to navigate the dizzying array of baby clothing I fell in love with the look and feel of bamboo. I loved finding new bamboo outfits to suit my new son’s growing personality and tiny active body. But as he grew from adorable potato to this squirming and extremely active toddler, I couldn’t find bamboo products that could keep up with him, or satisfy me. I wanted more than bamboo pajamas. I wanted thick, durable bamboo clothing in bright prints that would survive his adventuring and still look stylish.  

So, I decided to create them, and the result is Max&Morris. I work with designers all around the world, and produce my premium clothing with a global team spearheaded by women.